Workshop Flyer Template

Workshop Flyer Template

This is where paining workshops come handy and they allows people to come and paint for few Bucks as workshop fee. But just like any other business, painting workshops also need publicity and advertisement in order to get famous in the market and acquire more members for the workshop classes. If you have just started a new workshop, you can’t afford advertisement expenses and you have to come up with something cheap but still effective. You can make painting workshop flyers when you don’t have big publicity budget. A flyer is kind of a poster only smaller in size and it’s both posted and distributed in people. It’s a document that includes the information about a particular product, person, place or an upcoming event which a company or an individual wants to share with the people.

Here is preview of this Free Workshop Flyer Template,

Workshop Flyer Template


Here are the guidelines to create a painting workshop flyer:

  • Always start with a big size paper because the information on a small document doesn’t look that attractive and it’s very hard to understand too.
  • The title is the most important thing that catches the eye of a reader and convinces him to find out what the flyer is announcing. Think of a unique title or heading for your flyer without being overwhelming.
  • Place a beautiful picture on the flyer and try to use fewer words. You can put a picture of your workshop or just a picture of a group of people painting in the workshop.
  • Now it’s time to provide your address and contact numbers to the interesting person who wants to visit the workshop. Always provide your street address and contact numbers in bold and big fonts.
  • Always proofread you flyer before making copies so that if you are missing something, you can add that in time.

Here is download link for this Workshop Flyer Template,


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