Tear-Off Flyer Template

A tear-off tab flyer is just like a common flyer but there are tear off tabs at the bottom of the flyer which contains the contact addresses to the person who is distributing the flyers. This way when someone is interested in the information shared on flyer and he wants to contact the person, he doesn’t have to look for pen and paper to write down the address or phone numbers but he can just tear off a tab at the bottom and keeps it as contact info slip. This way the person who is publishing the information on the flyers also narrows down the number of responses to his ad or advertisement. For example you want to rent your apartment but you don’t want hundreds of people to contact you about the specifications and to confirm the availability. So you put 1o to 15 tear-off tabs at the bottom of the flyer and those who are interested in your apartment, take those tabs and this way only 15 people will contact you about renting the apartment.

Here is preview of this Free Tear-Off Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Tear-off flyer template

Here are the guidelines to create a flyer with tear-off tabs:

  • First of all, decide if you want to print the info on one side of the flyer or both sides. This depends on the amount of details you want to add and the size of picture on the flyer.
  • Just like any other advertisement, graphics play very important role here. You need to put a big picture related to the issue or situation you are discussing on the flyer.
  • Spend some time to come up with a relevant and unique looking color scheme for your flyer. Always use readable font style and size and try to stick with simpler designs.
  • Divide your details into several parts and use bullet points and text boxes to categorize your information on the flyer.
  • Put specific number of tabs at the bottom of the flyer. Each tab should contain your street and contact address.
  • Once you are done, simple cut along the edges of each tab so that it’s easier to tear off it without force.

Here is download link for this Tear-Off Flyer Template,


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