Picnic Flyer Template

A flyer is kind of a poster only smaller in size and it’s both posted and distributed in people. Here on this flyer, you need to put a picture of the place where you want to go for the picnic, the reason of this outing, details about the picnic and the hosts and other specification. Using a picnic flyer can be very helpful if you don’t have much time to personally meet and invite a lot of friends and coworkers. Also it doesn’t sound like a good idea of spending so much money on invitations when you can use that money on picnic stuff. Whether it’s an invitation for your friends or office members, you can use the flyer effectively. You just need to post the flyer on office notice board where employees can see it while walking by and if they are interested, they will contact you.

Here is preview of this Free Picnic Flyer Template,

Picnic Flyer Template


Here are some guidelines to create a picnic flyer:

  • The most important thing about a flyer is the heading you provide. This is the ingredient that grabs the attention of a reader besides the picture on the flyer.
  • Spend some time with the flyer and experiment a little with different colors and graphics. You can also visit a place nearby you where people hang their flyer and you can grab number of unique ideas from such a place.
  • The key purpose of this flyer is to convince the reader that you are organizing an amazing picnic party, so keep it that way. Just like any other marketer, sell your product in such a way you want to buy by someone else.
  • Organize the information on the page in such a way that the reader will need to read it. Use bullet points for different parts of the flyer design.
  • Provide specifications of your picnic party such as; date, time, location, the food you will provide there and expected number of guests there.
  • Keep it in a simple way and don’t try to add anything that makes it complicated or hard to understand in a glance.

Here is download link for this Picnic Flyer Format,


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