Open House Flyer Template

This is also a traditional invitation when some realtor wants to present a piece of property usually a house for sale. This way he invites potential buyers to visit and see the property during a pre-planned time period and the buyers can visit and stay as long as they want. This way the house doesn’t get too crowded or the host doesn’t have to be with everyone at once.  In order to invite people to your open house party, you can make flyers. You can make this flyer on your personal computer using any design software or you can get help from websites which offer to design different flyers for you. Once you are done, you can make hundreds of copies and distribute according to your needs and requirements.

Here is preview of this Free Open House Flyer Template,

Open House Flyer Template

Here are the guidelines to create an open house flyer:

  • Always start with a big size paper because the information on a small document doesn’t look that attractive and it’s very hard to understand too.
  • The title is the most important thing that catches the eye of a reader and convinces him to find out what the flyer is announcing. Think of a unique title or heading for your flyer without being overwhelming.
  • Place a beautiful picture on the flyer and try to use fewer words. You can put a picture of your house in which you are organizing the party or just put the words “Open house party” in unique fonts and bold style.
  • In order to host more guests to your party, you should design and distribute the flyer at least two weeks before the party because this way those, who want to come to your party, can manage their work and other routines easily.
  • Always proofread you flyer before making copies so that if you are missing something, you can add that in time.
  •  Now it’s time to provide your address and contact numbers to the interesting person who wants to join you in the party. Always provide your street address and contact numbers in bold and big fonts.
  • In order to facilitate your readers, you can provide tear-off tags at the end of the flyer so that people don’t need to write down your address and phone number but they can simply take away a tag which shows all the contact info.

Here is download link for this Open House Flyer Template,


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