Car Wash Flyer Template

A flyer is a document that includes the information about a particular product, place or an upcoming event that someone wants to share with the people. In this situation, this flyer is prepared and distributed by a car wash place or a group of students who want to earn some extra money by washing the cars. Using a flyer as an advertisement method is very effective for such businesses as this doesn’t need much budget and proved very effective as compared to other methods. This flyer includes a unique picture of a car being washed, the washing services a place provided, and additional benefits the customer will have as compared to other places and the address with contact numbers.

Here is preview of this free Car Wash Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Car Wash Flyer Template


Here are the guidelines to create a car wash flyer:

  • Depending on the way you want to distribute the flyer, print the information on one or both sides of the flyer.
  • Always start with a catchy and unique heading about the agenda or information you are about to share on this paper. The heading is something that catches the eye of walking people and forces them to read what you are saying on the flyer.
  • Take a good picture of your crew while washing a car or ask some experienced person to take it for you and put it on the flyer. A picture attracts more people as compared to text or even bold heading.
  • Talk about your services, the way you deliver them and what’s so special about your car service shop that others don’t have. Provide your characteristics and benefits of using your services.
  • Always prepare yourself according to the audience and tell them what they want to hear from you. Search a little in the market and know what people expect from a car wash place or the people working in there.
  • Include your relevant information such as your prices, location, and the timings you open the place for services, discount rates and requirements and what extra benefits you provide without asking for more money.
  • Put your contact details at the end of the flyer including street address, telephone numbers and the name of the person in charge in the service place. 

Here is download link for this Car Wash Flyer Template,


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