Car Sales Flyer Template

If you are a car dealer who sells and buys old and new vehicles, you know how much it’s important to advertise your business in order to acquire more customers and make new clients. You can’t buy or sell a car if no one knows you exist in the city or you are in the business of buying or selling old cars. You have to tell them about your products and services you provide in your garage or showroom. If you have a big company, you don’t need to worry about the clients or customers as they will find you with your reputation but if you are new in business or have a small local company that buys and sells small cars, you need to tell people about yourself and introduce your company in the market. You can hire an advertisement agency that will market your cars and company in public but that will cost you a lot. In order to save some money on the publicity and stay on the budget, you can also make car sale flyers in order to tell people that you have cars they might need or like to buy.

Here is preview of this Free Car Sales Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Car Sales Flyer Template

Here are some guidelines to create a flyer for car sale:

  • Always try to come up with a unique and snappy headline for your flyer because this is the first thing that a reader or walking by person sees and if it’s interesting enough, you got yourself a reader.
  • Always put a large photo of your car on the flyer that enhances the features and characteristics of your vehicle. You can take it by yourself or ask a friend who has some experience in photography.
  • Always focus on providing the benefits of your car to the readers in the same manner as if you want to buy a car, you would like to read it. Bring out the best in your car and show it to your audience.
  • If you don’t have good budget, you can always use a black & white flyer because it’s cheaper and less expensive as compare to a colored one.
  • You can also offer some kind of discount or short time offer on the sale such as if a person contacts you in the next 24 hour, you will also provide him with something extra with the car if he agrees to buy it.
  • Provide you contact information at the end on the flyer so that people, who are interested to see the car, can contact you.
  • Always proofread your flyer before making several copies so that you can find if there is any mistake or you have left something important.

Here is download link for this Car Sales Flyer Template,


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