Business Flyer Template

Same like television commercials or billboards, this is also a unique way of advertisement or publicity in which a company or an individual informs the general public about something important by handing out a paper which contains information about that incident or event. These days, people write the contents of the flyer on computer and use printers to make dozens of copies but in older times when there was no facility of computer or printer, people use to handwrote the flyers. Although that was a long, slow and time consuming process but proved very effective so people carried on using it and now we see the same strategy but with many amendments and modern techniques.

Here is preview of this Free Business Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Business Flyer Template

Here are general guidelines to create a business flyer:

  • While creating a business flyer, it’s important that you keep the customer in mind and design a paper that people want to see not what you want to tell them. Don’t ask too many questions on the flyer but provide answers and solutions to their queries and problems.
  • It’s not a healthy act to fill the flyer with long and boring paragraphs as no one wants to go deep into the reading. That’s why you should keep the writing part as short as possible and concentrate on adding bigger picture and more graphic designs.
  • If you want to hang the flyers in public places, you only have one side of the paper to put the information so make it short and concise. But if you have decided to handout the flyers to individuals, you can use both sides of the paper, front and back.
  • Give special discounts on the flyer as people buy things that are special in a way as compared to normal products. You can use a line such as “Two for one” or “Half price”.
  • Offer something special for consistent customers who are already your client. This will make them feel happy and satisfy and they spread the good reviews about your company in their friends and family.
  • Always keep an eye on the competitor’s flyers as you can learn a lot from that. You can see what made their flyer fail and on what faults people are criticizing about or what the good factors about their flyers that people like and feel attracted to.

Here is download link for this Business Flyer Template,


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