Book Club Flyer Template

A book club has generally two definitions; one is that an individual has signed a contract with a publishing company to buy books for long term or it can be defined as a discussion group of different people who gather around and discuss their views about books they have read together. Here we only discuss book discussion club which again has two common types. One in which the books are divided into several genres such as history, romantic, fiction and sci-fi, a book is selected from any category and all members are advised to read it so that it can be discussed next week. On the other hand, there is another type of book club in which the book is selected randomly and titled as the book of the month and all the members are required to read it and discuss their thoughts next month. Some clubs are founded by group of friends in which no one is required to buy any membership or pay for it where on the other hand, professional book clubs require customers to enter a membership request form, pay the charges for it and then they get their membership of the club. Their membership rights and accesses mainly depend on the deal they have bought i.e. platinum, golden or silver.

Here is preview of this free Book Club Flyer Template,

Book Club Flyer Template

Here are the guidelines to create a book club flyer:

  • Always start with a big size paper because the information on a small document doesn’t look that attractive and it’s very hard to understand too.
  • The title is the most important thing that catches the eye of a reader and convinces him to find out what the flyer is announcing. Think of a unique title or heading for your flyer without being overwhelming.
  • Place a beautiful picture on the flyer and try to use fewer words. You can put a picture of your club or just a picture of a group of people discussing a book at the club.
  • In order to convince more customers for membership, you should design and distribute the flyer at least two weeks before the inauguration because this way those, who want to come, can manage their work and other routines easily.
  • Always proofread you flyer before making copies so that if you are missing something, you can add that in time.
  •  Now it’s time to provide your address and contact numbers to the interesting person who wants to visit the club. Always provide your street address and contact numbers in bold and big fonts.

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