3+ Free Benefit Flyer Templates

A Benefit Flyer is a document that is used by companies, international organizations and even by individuals to introduce them in the market and want to make room for their products or services. This is a publicity stunt for acquiring more customers. The basic formula behind a benefit flyer is that you speak about yourself, qualities of you or your company, the characteristics that distinguish you among your competitors in the market and the advantages and benefits one will get if they come to you. If you have put enough thoughts on your benefit flyer and you have strong credibility in the market, you will get excellent customer response as you distribute the flyers in general public. If you have used the right words, more than 70% readers will feel convinced to your words and will contact you in order to know more about you or the products your company represents.

Free Benefit Flyer Templates

Here is preview of this Free Benefit Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Benefit Flyer Template


Benefit Flyer 1


Benefit Flyer 3



Guidelines to create a Benefit Flyer:

  • First of all you need to decide whether you want to handout the flyers to individuals or want to put it on notice boards or walls. Depending on your choice, you can put the information on one or both sides of the flyer.
  • Always keep it simple and short. People don’t want to look at lengthy paragraphs or dense sentences in which they have to find what its saying. Grab the attention of the reader with lesser words as it’s more effective this way.
  • Organize the information on the flyer in a manner the reader will need to read it. Use bullet points, text boxes and heading for highlighting the main points.
  • Always start with a unique and catchy headline as it’s the first thing a reader notices and it should be something that grabs the attention of the reader.
  • Always put a big photo on the flyer that is related to the information you are passing out by this piece of paper. Picture speaks thousands words and attracts more as compared to simple text.
  • Always find a different way to present your case as nobody never did. This way you can convey your message or the agenda of this announcement in a better and more effective way.

Always proofread the flyer two to three times before you finalize it and make several copies of it.

Here is download link for this Benefit Flyer Template,


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