Apartment Flyer Template

Apartment flyers are the best and most easy way to inform people about a vacant apartment, flat, house or any other living place in the city. These flyers are created and handed out by the owners of apartments who don’t want to involve any advertising agency for the publicity of these empty apartments and just want to stick to a comparatively cheap way of letting people know that they are selling or renting an apartment. This is amazingly cheap and effective way to advertise for your apartment as compared to the expenses of an ad agency and the effectiveness is pretty much the same. This is also an excellent option for you if you are in a hurry and can’t wait for the long process of advertising firms which take two to three days to advertise for your vacant apartment. This way you can make the flyers in a few minutes, make hundreds of copies with digital printers of photocopier machines and handout to the people passing by you in the street of right outside a theater.

Here is preview of this Free Apartment Flyer Template,

Apartment Flyer Template

Here are general guidelines to create an apartment flyer:

  • Put all the details of your apartment on the flyer which usually includes the rental price, original price of the apartment, type of apartment i.e. studio apartment, number of rooms, your requirements, specific kind of person you would like to rent it to, picture of the apartment and your contact information so that the interested persons can contact you.
  • Never make the flyer too long as that looks boring and only add the most important and needed information.
  • Only mention those characteristics that the apartment does have and don’t lie about it.
  • Put a large picture of the apartment and use a bold or bigger font for the contents so that it’s not very hard to read from some distance.
  • Once you have designed the flyer according to your need and choice, take the sample to a printing shop and ask them to make the copies as per your requirement.
  • Spend some more time with the flyer and experiment with different fonts, themes and colors and then you can decide better which one is more compatible according to the situation.
  • If you are going to hang out the flyer in public places, only put the contents on one side of the paper but if it will be handed out to individuals, you can put information on sides, front and back.

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